Betta Fin Rot Treatment

A Helpful Guide to Betta Fin Rot Treatment

If you have been wondering why your betta fish looks tired, unable to eat, and shows discolored fins, then it might have contracted the fin rot disease. Fin rot is a disease... Read more »
How To Keep A Betta Fish Tank Clean

How to Keep a Betta Fish Tank Clean: Step by Step Guide

Keeping your betta fish tank clean will be a responsibility every aquarist has to learn. Learning how to keep a betta fish tank clean is a must for all fish keepers. This... Read more »
do fish get sad when other fish die

Do Fish Get Sad When Other Fish Die?

There has been much debate whether fish experience feelings the same ways humans do. Fish’s brains aren’t as complex as mammalian brain structures but recent studies have shown that fish can feel... Read more »
Best Live Plants For Betta Fish

15 Best Live Plants for Betta Fish in Their Tank

If you are more into aesthetics when choosing a pet fish, then you are in for a treat with betta fishes. Those attractive colors as they swim across the water is such... Read more »
How Long Can a Betta Fish Live in a Fishbowl

How Long Can a Betta Fish Live in a Fishbowl?

A fishbowl has gained the reputation of being a death sentence for fish and a symbol of cruelty on fish keeping. Keeping a fish inside a fishbowl is not for a beginner... Read more »
Do Fish Ever Fart

Do Fish Ever Fart?

There have been some stories shared by Betta fish keepers that their betta fish passed gas out of where their poop comes out. This is an interesting idea that makes a person... Read more »
Can Male Betta Fish Live with Other Fish?

Can Male Betta Fish Live with Other Fish?

Seeing a single male betta fish in all its gill-flaring glory in a tank all alone can sometimes make a fish keeper feel as though something is lacking. There will come a... Read more »
Best Gravel For Betta Fish In The Tank

7 Best Gravel for Betta Fish in the Tank

Betta fish are fun to have as a pet. Those attractive colors that shine as they swim around your fish tank gives you a relaxing feeling that can ward off stress. But,... Read more »
Can 2 female betta fish live together

Can 2 Female Betta Fish Live Together?

We always hear from pet store employees and read in articles online that betta fish should not be kept in the same tank because they will kill each other. But can 2... Read more »
Best Food For Betta Fish

Best Food for Betta Fish to Keep it Full and Well

So you’ve finally come home from the fish store and got yourself a betta fish. Your tank is ready, you put them inside, and now you are looking for the best food... Read more »