Fish you can put with a betta

Fish You Can Put with a Betta

Having a community tank is one of the fun parts of the fish keeping hobby. You will really enjoy how the various types of fish interact with one another and their environment.... Read more »
Do betta fish need a lid on their tank

Do Betta Fish Need a Lid on Their Tank?

Betta fish can jump out of their containers especially when the water surface is very near the rim of the tank. Betta fish are very curious creatures and they have evolved to... Read more »
What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available

What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available?

If you decided to have your own fish at home, then you’ve just come to the right place. Having pet fishes aren’t only therapeutic as they can help you relax, but they... Read more »
Can betta fish live in tap water

Can Betta Fish Live in Tap Water?

The natural bodies of water where the Betta fish live do not have chlorine mixed into it. That is basically the major difference with tap water. You can mix chlorine and chloramine... Read more »
How often should you change betta fish water

How Often Should You Change Betta Fish Water

Providing your betta fish the best kind of water in its tank will be one of the most important responsibilities of a betta fish owner. This will serve as a general guide... Read more »
how big should a betta tank be

How Big Should a Betta Tank be?

The rice paddies and shallow streams in the Southeast-Asian tropical countries are the natural habitat of Betta fish. The seasons are both the hot summer season and the wet rainy season.  During... Read more »
Do Bettas Need Air Pump?

Do Bettas Need Air Pump?

An air pump for an aquarium is a device used to bring air into the water column. You can plug it into a socket powered by electricity. To produce a bubbling effect,... Read more »
Can I add warm water to a fish tank

Can I Add Warm Water to a Fish Tank?

Betta Splendens commonly known as the Betta originated from the tropical country of Thailand. It’s known before as Siam hence they also call betta fish as the Siamese fighting fish. Knowing that... Read more »
Can betta fish live in cold water

Can Betta Fish Live in Cold Water?

Betta fish originated from the tropical countries of Southeast Asia specifically in Thailand. Thailand is known before as Siam hence they also call betta Siamese Fighting Fish. Knowing that the climate in... Read more »
How to warm up betta tank without heater

How to Warm Up a Betta Tank Without a Heater?

Are you looking to learn how to warm up a betta tank without a heater? Then, this article is perfect for you! Betta fish originated from Thailand and spread around Southeast Asia... Read more »