Best Live Plants For Betta Fish

15 Best Live Plants for Betta Fish in Their Tank

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Best Gravel For Betta Fish In The Tank

7 Best Gravel for Betta Fish in the Tank

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Do betta fish need a lid on their tank

Do Betta Fish Need a Lid on Their Tank?

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What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available

What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available?

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how big should a betta tank be

How Big Should a Betta Tank be?

The rice paddies and shallow streams in the Southeast-Asian tropical countries are the natural habitat of Betta fish. The seasons are both the hot summer season and the wet rainy season.  During... Read more »
Can I add warm water to a fish tank

Can I Add Warm Water to a Fish Tank?

Betta Splendens commonly known as the Betta originated from the tropical country of Thailand. It’s known before as Siam hence they also call betta fish as the Siamese fighting fish. Knowing that... Read more »
How to warm up betta tank without heater

How to Warm Up a Betta Tank Without a Heater?

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what do betta fish like in their tank

What Do Betta Fish Like in Their Tank?

In order to provide a good home for our Betta fish, we should try to know as much as possible about its origins and its natural habitat. What do betta fish like... Read more »
how to decorate fish tank

How to Decorate Fish Tank

A nicely decorated fish tank will be pleasant to look at and will also give your fish places to hide so they can feel relaxed and have better health. Here are the... Read more »